reduce staff downtime due to training

A significant amount of staff time is taken up due to training. At the moment they are required to either attend class-room based training courses or sit in front of a PC for an eLearning course, both of which are disruptive to their working day.

The ChatterBite solution allows them to receive training on the go and without any disruption to their working day.

We can help you to get back the 2-5 days a year that are on average spent on training.



Your employees forget 80-90% of the course within 20 days of taking it and 30% of it after the first day.  That's not great when you have important information they that need to retain and use in their workplace.

With Chatterbite, we use bite-sized learning which is proven to get the information to stick in your mind.  Its engages your employees through a novel delivery mechanism through their mobile messaging app and maximises transfer of information.

Sources:  Ebbinger Forgetting Curve. 



Consistent message

One of the main problems that companies face when training employees face to face is ensuring that the message and the quality of training stays consistent for all staff members. 

The ChatterBite system ensures that all staff get the same high quality training and that this is logged and recorded.


Enable BURST Training

From time to time you may need to train your staff to react to a particular issue, such as new regulations or a complaint from a customer. Existing training mechanisms slow down such training.

ChatterBite, however, enables you to push training content to your employees quickly and for you to track and validate that they have received and retained it.