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Built for Millenials & More

Will be 50% of the workforce by 2020



Customise the message for each employee


Facebook Messenger

No need for any new downloads or setup


Bitesized Packets

Adapted to todays short attention spans.


A New Communications Channel with 98% open-rate and read-completion

We understand that bringing new staff into an organisation presents certain challenges, particularly where there is a relatively high turnover of part time or temporary staff.

Chatterbite is a revolutionary new technology that guides an employee from job acceptance; getting them excited about joining and validating their decision, through the initial on-boarding process where they can learn about processes, team structures and brand values -  all the way through their initial couple of years in the job.


 Personal welcome messages from the manager, rich images, interactive questions, and the employee in control of then flow.

Personal welcome messages from the manager, rich images, interactive questions, and the employee in control of then flow.

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Rich Images & Personal Messages

Nothing beats the feeling a new employee gets when they receive a personal message from the company founder or their manager. 

We embed high resolution images into the stream of their Facebook Messenger conversation with you and your brand.

After that first message, every few days you engage with the new employee and get them excited about joining the company.  An example flow might be:

Day 1: Welcome to the company

Day 3: Learn about our Brand Values

Day 7: History of the Company

2 Days before starting: Checklist of all the things to bring and where to report to.


Image Carousels

Scrolling image carousels with headings and subheadings, ideal for summarising key takeaways or highlighting topics.

Employees just swipe left and right on their mobile device.


HD Video

You can embed your videos directly into the conversation, in rich quality, and with super fast loading speeds.  

Clicking the video opens it in full screen on your mobile device

Great for personal introductions, an overview of a concept, or a demonstration.


Interactive Questions and Answers

Interactive buttons to present multiple choice questions to test the employees knowledge of the training topic or onboarding process.

Every incorrect and correct answer is tracked for later analysis and to help those who might be finding the material challenging.

Perfect also for asking after a video has played to make sure they have actually watched it and then retained the knowledge.

We often use with this clients for refresher and revision courses too.


Ready to get started?

Trying out Chatterbite is quick and easy.   Our team would be happy to put together a demo course for you.