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Chatterbite works alongside any of your existing online learning courses, workshops, and management systems.

We take your existing content and adapt it into bite-sized chunks to be sent over Messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and Slack.  Creating engaging and conversational pieces of learning.

You might want to get employees to learn some theory before attending a workshop session, saving you time and hassle.  Alternatively, you'd like employees to have a refresher and revision course a week after a training course to consolidate their learning.

DIGITAL learning guide

The power of Chatterbite is that it can guide an individual through a learning journey, no matter whether the course content is internal to your company or existing elsewhere on the internet.

With so much content now available, the real value is when you gently lead people to the best sources and bring it all together in a coherent journey adapted to their learning needs.

Use the power of text, image carousels, embedded video and audio, PDF's, and interactive questions to bring things to life.


example: RESTAURANT - working alongside existing learning

With a high turnover of staff in their sector, and disruption caused by taking staff off the restaurant floor to participate in training courses, one of our clients turned to Chatterbite to provide a blended learning approach to their Millenial and genY workforce.

In their first week, they learnt the theory of food hygiene, introduction to the kitchens, and customer service in 5 minute bite-sized chunks using Facebook Messenger on their phones.  This massively reduced the time needed in physical workshops as they could discuss what they had learnt and get on with experiencing the environment.

A few weeks later, Chatterbite delivered each employee a short refresher course to help consolidate their learning and to test their knowledge.   Afterwards, they found that employees were significantly more engaged in learning what they needed to, there was less disruption to the business, and employees remembered 2x as much as they had before.