How can Chatterbite work for Ikea?

Imagine you wanted to get company updates out to all your employees at once and ensure that nearly all of them would read it, absorb it, and you'd be able to fully track it.   Perhaps a marketing promotion update to employees working directly with customers every day, or onboarding messages for new employees.  That's Chatterbite!  



Marketing Updates

Your latest product launches or promotions.



Employee Onboarding

The friendly introduction to your brand values & history.


Company News & Trends

New food in the cafeteria or a new customer support tip.



Short, interactive courses or revision for workshops.


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Anytime, anywhere communication

We work alongside the Facebook Messenger platform, and with 1 billion worldwide installs, your employees already have it installed on their phone and very familiar with how it works.  In fact they're already checking it 6-7 times a day.

Chatterbite lets you get your company updates and critical information to these employees whether they're on the commute work, in the queue for a coffee, or just with a few minutes of general downtime.

It works across every mobile device and platform.

1-way, curated, rich & interactive

Here's the secret sauce - this isn't general messaging chat.

Chatterbite let's you wrap up pieces of media into a communication "packet" that you can send to your employees phones for them to consume at their leisure.

Imagine you were launching a new product or price promotion and wanted thousands of employees to get up to speed about it quickly.

You might create a packet that includes a bit of conversational text introducing the new product personally, a short embedded video demo, a few images, and finally a short interactive quiz to ensure they're read it all.

You're in the control of the messaging - your employees read what you send with a staggering 98% engagement rate, and consume it quickly.

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Unlike email or face-face briefing, Chatterbite can you provide you with a complete detailed breakdown of how your employees interacted with your communication packet.

We show who's viewed it, what they clicked on (e.g. watched the video), where they are stuck, and how they did with the interactive quiz element.

If you like, you can also nudge the employee with a follow up message if they haven't read and absorbed the information by a specified time.  

Our experts will help you

You're in full control of the content at all times - but we help you adapt it into the Chatterbite medium and work with you to deliver the best messaging updates to your employees.

You just tell us what content to send, which groups of employees are mapped to a particular piece, when to send it, and let us take care of the rest.

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As the UK’s no.1 medical transcription business, we have thousands of transcribers across the country that need to get information on a regular basis. We’ve used Chatterbite to completely replace email newsletters now with a fantastic engagement rate.
— James Fellowes,
We’ve been using Chatterbite to onboard new employees to the company and are really impressed. Two weeks before they join, they start getting a daily message welcoming them to the company and taking them through videos and quizzes about our values and history. Fantastic platform.
— Ciaron Dunne,