ChatterBite for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has a particular issue regarding compliance and other training due to the relatively high turnover of staff and the need to on-board them efficiently. The ChatterBite solution is ideally positioned to deal with the challenges facing the industry: providing not only compliance courses (such as health and safety, kitchen awareness and diversity) but also ongoing staff training and alerts such as menu changes, allergy awareness, specials and ongoing education about the foods or drinks that they are serving. All done through messenger on their own mobiles.

on-boarding for today's workforce

54% of the workforce are millennials, but the on-boarding process is often stuck in the past.

THE RIGHT MEDIUM: Your staff are spending around a third of their personal time interacting with either social media or their mobile phones: we believe that on-boarding should be done using them too.

PERSONALISED: The ChatterBite system enables you to distribute personalised content to your staff and ensure that you are not accidentally discriminating against certain demographics through biases in face to face training.

BITE SIZED: Company manuals, training by managers and PC based eLearning courses have very low knowledge retention rates. Research has shown that bite sized learning is remembered.

All of this is done using their smartphones without having to install anything other than Facebook messenger.

Brand Building

ChatterBite can be used to build your brand by providing your staff with a stream of easily digestible bite-sized content featuring brand ideals, local stories and information about products and services offered.

A hypothetical: A boutique hotel just outside of Salisbury wished to teach their front of house staff about the local legends and history of Salisbury plain so as to improve interaction with their guests and give it a 'local' feel.

A ChatterBite course was put together, which, twice a week, sent a short story about a local legend to each member of staff. These stories were chosen to reflect the time of year and have often been retold by the bar staff to customers.

Staff Training

Staff training within the hospitality industry faces two major challenges: The large amount of material that needs to be taught on an ongoing basis and the difficulty of disseminating it in the workplace. This is exacerbated by relatively high churn rates and the use of temporary staff at peak times.

ChatterBite courses can be used for everything from compliance courses (such as health & safety and food hygiene) to product knowledge and everything in between.

COST: It is very expensive to train employees face to face. ChatterBite allows you to train a large number of employees in a cost-effective manner.

CONSISTENCY: Asking managers to teach employees leads to an inconsistent approach. They are managers, not teachers. Our system ensures that all staff get the same quality of teaching.

RETENTION: Passing staff members handbooks and printed materials just doesn't work. They are often unread and, when they are, retention rates are low. The bite-sized approach that we use increases retention rates by around 76%.

FULL REPORTING: Knowing, and being able to prove, who has done which course is essential. Our system provides full reporting as well as the ability to test knowledge.