Really?  Ok - go on...

Imagine you could learn something using only a few minutes every day, that you remembered 98% of everything even a few months later, had fun doing it, and passed your official DVLA theory test with flying colours.   Yes, that's Chatterbite's DVLA Theory Test system.   We've spent years perfecting a technology that helps us learn better and works in tandem with our digital world and online behaviour. 



Bitesized Learning

It's fast! 5 minutes every day is all you need



Built For Millenials

The friendly introduction to your brand values & history


Real Educational Theory

From the latest research about interval learning


Uses Messenger Apps

Not another app to install - you already use this daily.

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Anytime, anywhere, any device

We use the Facebook Messenger platform, that you most probably already have on your phone and use most days, along with the other 1.5 billion people around the world.  

This let's you dip in and out for a few minutes every day, no matter if you're in the queue for that flat white or on the train to work.

It works across every mobile device and operating system, and nothing for you to install or download.  Try the demo now (no signup required) 

We'll help you pass your test

We based the course on the official UK DVLA Theory test and Official Highway Code so we cover every topic you need to know, but we also make it more fun and interesting.  

You'll actually enjoy learning for a change as it's just like having an online chat with your friend for a few minutes every day.

Try the demo now (no signup required) 


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Bitesized pieces every day

Studies have shown that short tasks every day are more desirable for learning and that they keep energy and motivation levels high.

This "chunking" also helps us to retain knowledge and maintain flexibility about when engage with the material.  

Directed learning (with a peer like our tutor) also helps us make progress and reach our goal.

Rich, interactive media that's fun

With short messages, high quality images, videos, and interactive question / answer elements - it's an engaging and fun way to learn.

Give it a go and see for yourself.

Try the demo now