Brand Engagement

ChatterBite has created a pioneering new staff and customer engagement system that delivers bite-sized nuggets of information over Facebook Messenger. This enables you to reinforce a brand to customers over a period of days, teach them how to use a product's features, immerce employees in a brand's ideals and even inform them about new products and launches.

It breaks down traditional longform content into rich elements such as text, images, video clips, and interactive questions / answers and sends them over Messenger to mobile devices, interacting with the recipients for just a few minutes over a period of days.

Brand Building For Staff

ChatterBite can be used to build your brand by providing your staff with a stream of easily digestible bite-sized content featuring brand ideals, local stories and information about products and services offered.

This can be done in a cost effective manner without causing any significant disruption to their day. We can even target the messages to them to hit at certain times of the day: for example just before the evening rush!

A hypothetical: A boutique hotel just outside of Salisbury wished to teach their front of house staff about the local legends and history of Salisbury plain so as to improve interaction with their guests and give it a 'local' feel.

A ChatterBite course was put together, which, twice a week, sent a short story about a local legend to each member of staff. These stories were chosen to reflect the time of year and have often been retold by the bar staff to customers.

Brand building for customers

The ChatterBite system can also be used to push content to your customers. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this:

PRODUCT TRAINING: You could push a quick daily lesson in how to use your product to customers. This would not only create added value for them but also reduce the cost of support.

PURCHASE REINFORCEMENT: A series of videos, customer testimonials and images could be sent to customers post-purchase to help them to immerse them in the brand: increasing satisfaction and the likelihood of recommendation and repurchase.

CUSTOMER INTERACTION: The ChatterBite system also enables customers to feed back their views of the product and any information that you have sent them through the one interface.

All of this is done using their smartphones without having to install anything other than Facebook messenger.